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Some of the Biblical Proofs For The Threeness of God PDF Print E-mail

Some of the Biblical Proofs For The Threeness of God -  the Trinity of Persons are:

The Biblical Offer Of The Gospel PDF Print E-mail

Analysis and answer to Rev. K. W. Stebbin' Christ Freely Offered in Light of Scripture and the Confessions.
The Error Of Pentecostalism PDF Print E-mail

Reformed Problems With Pentecostalism Or Areas the Reformed Have a Biblical Problem With the Pentecostal /Charismatic Movement and See it as Inclined to Errors.


It seems to me that if we speak of "the error" of Pentecostalism, we may convey the notion that it is intrinsically a sect outside of saving and orthodox Christianity, or that it holds to no orthodox and sound doctrines. I am unable in good conscience to say these things in an unqualified way. And, lest we be misunderstood, and so detract from the real issue at stake, I wish to labor a point.

The Nature Of Biblical Discipline PDF Print E-mail

Is There A Problem?

It would seem, to the writer at least, that it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain and profitably administer biblical church discipline.

Public Worship PDF Print E-mail

Would The Valid Circumstances Of Public Worship Please Step Forward

“The second commandment requires the receiving, observing, and keeping pure and entire, all such religious worship and ordinances as God has appointed in his Word ... and forbids the worshipping of God by images, or any other way not appointed in his Word.”[1] What is not ordained of God in His Word is forbidden. That, in a nut-shell is the Biblical and Reformed principle of worship. It delivered the Reformation Churches from Roman idolatry and superstition. It is very precious to us as heirs of the Reformation. It a doctrine that deserves very carefully thought by every truly Reformed believer in an age in which man-centred innovations inundate the churches and defile the pure worship of God. 
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