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The front page of the Brisbane Courier-Mail , on Saturday, December 21, 1996, had an article about the views of the Police Commissioner, Jim O'Sullivan, on the evils of abortion. The report said that Mr O'Sullivan described abortion as murder and as a much greater evil than violence and property offences, yet abortion was committed with impunity.
Euthanasia PDF Print E-mail
The term euthanasia comes via New Latin from the Greek words Eu (meaning easy, happy or good) and Thantos (meaning death), translated literally as good death.  This referred to a person's spiritual state at death, not physical.  Today, euthanasia refers to what is called "mercy killing".  Depending on personal or professional experience and/or a person's knowledge of the subject, euthanasia can become a complex terminological subject.
Entertainment and the Christian PDF Print E-mail
There is a place for entertainment in the Christian life. What are the principles to guide us in our choices of this entertainment? Pause and ponder.
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