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Three Treasures, One Goal PDF Print E-mail

(The following is a slightly amended version of an address delivered at the AGM of the John Calvin School Association by Rev. C. Kleyn. Those things that had reference to specifics have been deleted, and an alteration or two has been made to reflect the understanding of the EPC re. the covenant. When the writer speaks of the Reformed Confessions and identifies them, we may apply what is said to our own Westminster Confession, which gathers them up, expands upon them, and testifies to the same Reformed faith. We hope this excellent speech, in its article format, will be of real encouragement to our readers to strive for the establishment and maintenance of truly Reformed schools in our congregations. Though this goal may not be possible for us at the present, let us never loose sight of it, or cease to pray and work towards it. Ed. Rev. Chris Connors).

Christian Comfort PDF Print E-mail

We should thank and praise God for our abundant consolation in the gospel! Gospel comfort is a buffer between our believing souls and every trial and sorrow that threatens us in this life. Robert Haldane saw the true comfort of the gospel very clearly. Consider some of the blessed comforts he saw that God has given you as a believer in Jesus Christ. May you be able to embrace them into your heart and life by true faith, for your comfort and strength.

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church's Attitude To Alcohol PDF Print E-mail

An historical document. A paper prepared by Rev's Rodman and Morgan for the EPC presbytery.

Why is it Necessary to Pray? PDF Print E-mail

Matthew 8:1-13, Ezekiel 36:21-38, Jeremiah 29:10-14

In relation to salvation and all the benefits that flow from and are a part of the redemption purchased by the Lord Jesus Christ, prayer is shown by God in His word to be absolutely necessary for a range of related reasons.

What About Birdwatching? PDF Print E-mail
It is no secret that some of us enjoy observing birds. Now before you think of us as simply eccentrics, let us ask ourselves a few questions, and seek to give them good answers. Can we be edified spiritually from the study of birds and the world around us? Are we able to learn more of the Lord, and to be drawn closer to His side, and our lives enriched in the enjoyment of God, from such intrests? Or is it worldly and unspiritual, and a distraction from being a fully commited Christian, to have an interest, not only in orninthology, but in any aspect of the creation around us?
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