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Godís Word In The Flood PDF Print E-mail
Extraordinary floods and the biggest cyclone in living memory have devastated us.   Even as we rally to one anotherís assistance we know that there is more to come.  Worldwide, humanity is groaning under similar woes.  Something is badly wrong.  But what is it?  What are these events saying to us? 
New Psalm CD PDF Print E-mail

Some samples from the new psalm CD ...

Next Presbytery Meeting PDF Print E-mail

The next meeting of Presbytery will begin, the Lord willing, with the opening service on the evening of Lord's day, 30 th July 2017 and continuing to Friday, 4 th August 2017. The venue: Launceston, Tasmania.

A conference is planned with the Protestant Reformed Churches of America in Launceston on Friday and Saturday, 28 & 29th July 2017, prior to the meeting of Presbytery. The Topic: The Distinctive Contributions of the Scottish Presbyterian and Continential Branches of the Reformation.