EPC Quintet - Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs
Ps 95 Oh Come, let us sing to the Lord - Tune Bon Accord
Ps 73:23-28 Nevertheless continually - Tune Prayer
Ps 72:17-19 His name for ever shall endure - Tune Tabler
Ps 67 Lord unto us be merciful - Tune Contemplation
Ps 65:1-5 Praise waits for Thee in Sion Lord - Tune Glasgow
Ps 45 (2):1-6 My heart inditing is - Tune Louisville
Ps 40:1-4 I waited for the Lord my God - Tune Erin
Ps 23 The Lord's my Shepherd - Tune Crimond
Ps 18:28-35 The Lord will light my candle so - Tune Main
Ps 148 The Lord of heaven confess - Tune Lenox
Ps 145 (2):1-8 O Lord thou art my God and King - Tune Hyfrydol
Ps 131 My heart not haughty is, Oh Lord - Tune Humility
Ps 128:1-6 Blessed is each one that fears the Lord - Tune Gabriel
Ps 122 I joyed when to the house of God - Tune Boston
Ps 121 I to the Hills will lift mine eyes - Tune Abbeyville
Ps 106:1-5 Give praise and thanks unto the Lord - Tune Milton
Ps 102:1-8,10&12 Oh Lord, unto my cry give ear - Tune Cultross