Psalm Singing

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia in itís formal worship of Almighty God through out Lord Jesus Christ, sing only the Psalms without musical
accompaniment. In our stated worship we use the Scottish Metrical Psalms. Download the words of the Scottish Metrical Psalms (1650) in mobi format (227KB) or as a pdf (848KB).  Occasionally in our informal fellowshipping we may use some other version of the Psalms as well.

Below are links to some youth of the EPC singing the Psalms. We trust the singing of
these Psalms would be a blessing to you.

Some examples of the Psalms (with links to Youtube) follow:

Psalm 42:1-2&11 - Kedron

Psalm 69 - Eventide

Psalm 70 - Delphine

Psalm 95:1-6 - Bon Accord

Psalm 131 - Humility

Psalm 143:7-12 - Need