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50th Anniversary PDF Print E-mail

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia celebrated the 50th anniversary of the formation of the denomination, in Launceston, Tasmania, from 22-24th April 2011.

A blessed time was had by all. We thank God for His gracious mercy to us as a denomination.
The programme was thus:

A History of Reformed (Presbyterian) Christian Education PDF Print E-mail
Rev Chris Coleborn

The Reformed Churches of Continental Europe and Scotland and England spoke of the Christian education of the youth of the Church. What did they mean by this qualification of the education of their covenant youth? They meant this: nothing less than the teaching of human knowledge within the context of God-centred Christianity. They did not mean schools only for the teaching of the Bible as such. Nor did they mean the teaching of human knowledge with some Christianity taught as an adjunct to that knowledge. Rather, they meant a study of human knowledge that was based upon, seen in the light of, and fully integrated with Divine knowledge. This perspective on knowledge, they believed, would equip students with the true tools of learning so they would be, as much as humanly possible, prepared for all that is to be faced in life and death.

Submission To The National Human Rights Consultation Secretariat May 2009 PDF Print E-mail

We thank you for this opportunity to feed this submission into the consultation taking place at this time on the matter of National Human Rights in Australia.


We make this submission on behalf of historic Christianity;  historic Christianity that receives the Bible as the very Word of God, and the only rule for the whole of life and government. Our submission is based upon the moral law of God; the very God acknowledged by our Constitution when it refers to Australia as a nation to be “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God.”

The Oldest Songs PDF Print E-mail

In all ages songs have given expression of the deepest feelings and beliefs of mankind - they express our longings, loves, joys and sorrows. They are a wonderful part of the culture of all nations.

Knox and Church Order PDF Print E-mail
One of the primary documents of the Scottish Reformation is The First Book of Discipline. It is a document for the ordering of the life of the Reformed Church in Scotland drawn up at the dawn of the reformation in Scotland. This document, together with The Book of Common Order, formed the original Church Order of the Reformed Church of Scotland in the days of John Knox. The First Book of Discipline was the work of five other Scots’ reformers in addition to John Knox. Knox also with the help of others in Frankfurt compiled The Book of Common Order. These documents and the times in which they were written also show us the close connection especially between the Reformed Church of Scotland and that of France and Geneva.  This is seen in the close contact and communication between those Churches on the matter not only on the ordering of the Church, but also all matters of doctrine, worship and government.
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