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The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia celebrated the 50th anniversary of the formation of the denomination, in Launceston, Tasmania, from 22-24th April 2011.

A blessed time was had by all. We thank God for His gracious mercy to us as a denomination.
The programme was thus:

Friday 4th April 2011

David Logan, M.C.
  1. Introduction & welcome to 50th Anniversary (Mark Shand) [709KB]
  2. Opening Address 50th Anniversary (Rev Philip Burley) [1.54MB]
  3. History of the EPC of Australia (Rev Chris Coleborn) [476MB]...

  4. The EPC in Pictures, Part 1/2 (John Torlach) [134.43MB]

  5. Reflections (Part 1) [84.11MB] Members of the EPC reflect on the Lord's providence.
    Includes: Viv Connors, Pat West, Anna Coleborn, Noel Greatbatch, Joy Logan, Hannah Peters, Carol Christofferson

  6. Family Worship - Mid-day meal (Philip Greatbatch) [1.36MB]
  7. YP singing [314KB]
  8. The EPC in Pictures, Part 2/2 (John Torlach) [106.29MB]

  9. Reflections (Part 2) Members of the EPC reflect on the Lord's providence.
    Includes: Peter Torlach, Joanne Stacey, Stuart Davidson, Ann Greatbatch, Arthur Kleyn, Elaine Wormald, Alan Duff [115.61MB]

  10. Family Worship - Evening meal (Alex Carins) [941KB]

Saturday 5th April 2011

Philip Greatbatch, M.C.
  1. Our thankfulness (Rev Phil Burley). [185.64MB]

  2. Training of men for the Ministry (Rev David Higgs) [92.9MB]

  3. Christian Education (Rev David Torlach) [117.48MB]

  4. God's New Song Singers (Rev Chris Connors) [101.04MB]

  5. The future Direction and Goals of the EPC (Rev Chris Connors) [121.88MB]

  6. Remaining stedfast in an ungodly world (Rev Ken Koole) [72.02MB]
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Church growth books and manuals flood the market.  Surprisingly few address internal growth through the Holy Spirit sovereignly blessing the raising of children in covenantal truth.  Yet, historically, Reformed Christians have acknowledged that their most solid, genuine church growth has been through the conversion of youth reared in the church.
Joel Beeke
The Evangelical Presbyterian January 2011


What is the greatest threat to your spiritual health & well being?

EPCA & PRCA Conference

Lecture 1
Genuine Church Unity - Prof. Russ Dykstra

Lecture 2
Singing Again the Songs of Zion - Rev. Mark Shand

Lecture 3
The Doctrine of the Church Visible and Invisible - Rev. David Higgs

Lecture 4
The Sweetness of the Heart - Rev. Joshua Engelsma

Lecture 5
Church and State in the Scottish Reformatio - Rev. David Torlach

Lecture 6
The Reformation s Response to the Radical Reformation - Prof. Russ Dykstra