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The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia celebrated the 50th anniversary of the formation of the denomination, in Launceston, Tasmania, from 22-24th April 2011.

A blessed time was had by all. We thank God for His gracious mercy to us as a denomination.
The programme was thus:

Friday 4th April 2011

David Logan, M.C.
  1. Introduction & welcome to 50th Anniversary (Mark Shand) [709KB]
  2. Opening Address 50th Anniversary (Rev Philip Burley) [1.54MB]
  3. History of the EPC of Australia (Rev Chris Coleborn) [476MB]...

  4. The EPC in Pictures, Part 1/2 (John Torlach) [134.43MB]

  5. Reflections (Part 1) [84.11MB] Members of the EPC reflect on the Lord's providence.
    Includes: Viv Connors, Pat West, Anna Coleborn, Noel Greatbatch, Joy Logan, Hannah Peters, Carol Christofferson

  6. Family Worship - Mid-day meal (Philip Greatbatch) [1.36MB]
  7. YP singing [314KB]
  8. The EPC in Pictures, Part 2/2 (John Torlach) [106.29MB]

  9. Reflections (Part 2) Members of the EPC reflect on the Lord's providence.
    Includes: Peter Torlach, Joanne Stacey, Stuart Davidson, Ann Greatbatch, Arthur Kleyn, Elaine Wormald, Alan Duff [115.61MB]

  10. Family Worship - Evening meal (Alex Carins) [941KB]

Saturday 5th April 2011

Philip Greatbatch, M.C.
  1. Our thankfulness (Rev Phil Burley). [185.64MB]

  2. Training of men for the Ministry (Rev David Higgs) [92.9MB]

  3. Christian Education (Rev David Torlach) [117.48MB]

  4. God's New Song Singers (Rev Chris Connors) [101.04MB]

  5. The future Direction and Goals of the EPC (Rev Chris Connors) [121.88MB]

  6. Remaining stedfast in an ungodly world (Rev Ken Koole) [72.02MB]
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Faith lives in a broken heart.  “He cried out with tears, Lord, I believe.”  True faith is always in a heart bruised for sin.  They, therefore, whose hearts were never touched for sin, have no faith.  If a physician should tell us there was a herb that would help us against all infections, but it always grows in a watery place; if we should see a herb like it in colour, leaf, smell, blossom, but growing upon a rock, we should conclude that it was the wrong herb.  So saving faith always grows in a heart humbled for sin, in a weeping eye and a tearful conscience
Thomas Watson


What is the greatest threat to your spiritual health & well being?

EPCA & PCC Conference

Lecture 1
Refocusing For Ministry to a Pagan World - Rev. Chris C. Connors

Lecture 2
Gospel Outreach to a Fading Generation - Rev. J. J. Lim

Lecture 3
Bringing the Gospel to a People in a Pagan Culture - Some Practical Considerations .Pastor - Rev. Chris Coleborn

Lecture 4
The Pastor As National Prophet - Rev. Au Yeong HauTzeng

Lecture 5
Speaking to Our Next Door Neighbour - Rev. David Torlach