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What You Really Need To Know About Worship - You Won't learn from Steven Schlissel PDF Print E-mail

The Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW) has been subjected recently to an assault by Rev. Steven Schlissel[1] in a series of articles entitled “All I Really Needed to Know about Worship . . . I Don’t Learn from the Regulative Principle” published initially in his monthly newsletter, Messiah’s Mandate and then reprinted in a slightly abridged form in the Chalcedon Report.[2]

The Sola's Of The Reformation PDF Print E-mail

Approximately 400 years ago there was a great spiritual darkness over Europe. It blighted all of life. While there were remarkable advancements in learning, science and the arts, there was much confusion, fear, uncertainty, hurt and despair among much of the population. There were grave injustices in society. There was great superstition, ignorance and abuse of position for worldly gain in the professing Church - in fact that time was very similar to our society today.

The Ruling Elder PDF Print E-mail

Historically, Presbyterian church polity has distinguished between pastors or ministers[1] and ruling elders. In drawing this distinction, it has not been the intention to deny that pastors or ministers are elders, nor to suggest that they have no function, so far as rule in the church is concerned. Rather, the purpose has been to emphasise the distinction between those who preach and expound the Word of God and those whose primary function is to exercise rule or oversight in the church.

The Faith Of The Reformation - An Overview PDF Print E-mail

Reformed means we hold to those truths and way of life that were rediscovered at the time of the Reformation in the 1500's. But we believe that the reformed faith is not only a faith that is held by people today. We understand it is a faith that has been held by Godís people in all ages.  To be Reformed, I put it to you, is simply consistent Biblical Christianity.  It is to hold not only what many of the Evangelicals of Britain held, what Knox and Calvin held, but also what Augustine held, and not only Augustine, but what the Apostle Paul, and believers back to Eden held.  Again we propose that the faith of the Reformation is nothing less than consistent Biblical Christianity.

Knox and Church Order PDF Print E-mail
One of the primary documents of the Scottish Reformation is The First Book of Discipline. It is a document for the ordering of the life of the Reformed Church in Scotland drawn up at the dawn of the reformation in Scotland. This document, together with The Book of Common Order, formed the original Church Order of the Reformed Church of Scotland in the days of John Knox. The First Book of Discipline was the work of five other Scots’ reformers in addition to John Knox. Knox also with the help of others in Frankfurt compiled The Book of Common Order. These documents and the times in which they were written also show us the close connection especially between the Reformed Church of Scotland and that of France and Geneva.  This is seen in the close contact and communication between those Churches on the matter not only on the ordering of the Church, but also all matters of doctrine, worship and government.
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