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Vital Truths - Is Adultery and Homosexuality Legal? PDF Print E-mail

Breaking the 7th commandment by adultery and homosexuality is legal?

How did we come to legalise immorality? Do we think we are God?

Vital Truths - What is right and wrong? PDF Print E-mail

What is right and wrong? Who can tell? Is there such a thing as morality any more?

Vital Truths - What are we? Where did we come from? PDF Print E-mail

Are we products of random chance and evolutionary processes? Or were we created by Almighty God?

Vital Truths - Where is truth to be found? PDF Print E-mail

We have a life to live, children to teach, a society to structure, an eternity after our earthly death for which to prepare - how can we possibly hope to do this without truth to guide us? We need absolute truth - truth so pure and perfectly free from lies and mistakes that we can place our trust in it with complete, unqualified confidence. To whom should we turn?

Vital Truths - God Is! He Exists! PDF Print E-mail

There are not that many things about which we really must think, but the existance of God certainly is one. We all need to give attention to this, because even if we deny, ignore, or forget God, that does not get rid of him. He is not an imaginary being - real to some, and not to others. God IS. He doesn’t need us to give him the nod. He is the altogether glorious personal being whose existence is in and of himself. Whether we acknowledge him or not - God exists!

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