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Welcome to the website of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia. We are a Presbyterian church, constituted as several congregations along the east coast of Australia, whose aim is to faithfully proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, in the tradition of the Protestant Reformation. We believe the truth of the Holy Bible as expressed in the Westminister Confessional Standards as originally adopted by the Reformed Church of Scotland.
The Faith Of The Reformation - An Overview

Reformed means we hold to those truths and way of life that were rediscovered at the time of the Reformation in the 1500's. But we believe that the reformed faith is not only a faith that is held by people today. We understand it is a faith that has been held by Godís people in all ages.  To be Reformed, I put it to you, is simply consistent Biblical Christianity.  It is to hold not only what many of the Evangelicals of Britain held, what Knox and Calvin held, but also what Augustine held, and not only Augustine, but what the Apostle Paul, and believers back to Eden held.  Again we propose that the faith of the Reformation is nothing less than consistent Biblical Christianity.

Our Christian Psalms ~ 13
Psalm 13 - is our "How Long?" Psalm.
Vital Truths - How Do We Stand Related to God?

We stand related to God through his law, the Ten Commandments.

In the first 4 commandments God requires us to behave in a certain way toward him. Then, in commandments 5-10, God requires that we act a certain way toward our fellow man.



God does not make known his will to us, that the knowledge of it may perish with us; but that we may be his witnesses to posterity, and that they may deliver the knowledge received through us, from hand to hand, (as we say) to their descendants. Wherefore, it is the duty of parents to apply themselves diligently to the work of communicating what they have learned from the Lord to their children. In this manner the truth of God is to be propagated by us, so that no one may retain his knowledge for his own private use; but that each may edify others, according to his own calling, and to the measure of his faith. There is however no doubt, that the gross ignorance which reigns in the world, is the just punishment of men’s idleness. For whereas the greater part close their eyes to the offered light of heavenly doctrine; yet there are those who stifle it, by not taking care to transmit it to their children — John Calvin on Genesis 18:19.


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