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Welcome to the website of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia. We are a Presbyterian church, constituted as several congregations along the east coast of Australia, whose aim is to faithfully proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, in the tradition of the Protestant Reformation. We believe the truth of the Holy Bible as expressed in the Westminister Confessional Standards as originally adopted by the Reformed Church of Scotland.
The Sola's Of The Reformation

Approximately 400 years ago there was a great spiritual darkness over Europe. It blighted all of life. While there were remarkable advancements in learning, science and the arts, there was much confusion, fear, uncertainty, hurt and despair among much of the population. There were grave injustices in society. There was great superstition, ignorance and abuse of position for worldly gain in the professing Church - in fact that time was very similar to our society today.

Our Christian Psalms ~ 5

Psalm five is another song we may sing, in and with Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, who "in the days of his flesh offered up prayers and supplications..." (Heb.5:7).

Vital Truths - What is right and wrong?

What is right and wrong? Who can tell? Is there such a thing as morality any more?



Though Christians be not kept altogether from falling, yet they are kept from falling altogether.
William Secker


What is the greatest threat to your spiritual health & well being?